Innovation for Impact

We are very excited to build this think tank, with a keen focus on shaping innovation that creates lasting positive impact.

Our vision for this group is to be both our compass in finding elegant solutions that delight users as well as to be the anchor that firmly roots us in 'Impact' based on a user first - outcome first philosophy while staying at the cutting edge of technology (never going stale).

Featured Think Tank Members

Greg Aper

Greg is an industrial designer and a thought leader. He specializes in the advancement of design through the application of experiential business planning, interdisciplinary communication, and creative problem solving. He has designed and consulted for some of the most highly recognized companies in the world, including Bosch, Dell, Philips, Cisco, Samsung, Panasonic, Google, and Intel.

Stephane Pacquet

Stephane is an entrepreneur techie and a thought leader. He has been an advocate of best mix of open-source and properietory technologies to enable best solutions at optimal cost, deliver fast and reduce operation costs while offering cutting edge technology.

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