Enterprise Solution for Real Estate Companies

Problem Statement

The Indian Real Estate Industry lacks the technology omni-present in most mature markets in other countries. End-to-end automation technology doesn't exist. In addition there are no enterprise grade solutions, that meet the complex real estate ecosystem peculiar to India. There was a clear need for a platform based solution that could serve all participating players like Builders, Agencies, Agents and Buyers and Sellers.

Solution Details

An enterprise market place solution backed by solutions like CRM, eCommerce, Mobile App, IVR along with third party and social integrations. The solution provides a central integrated platform for real estate marketplace, including for builders, agencies, independent agents, advertisers and the customers. The solution is designed to integrate with third party solutions like social media platforms, banking and finance systems. The solutionis aimed at bringing transparency, automation and quality in business communications and transactions.

Return on Investment


increase in customer engagement

Team Size




1 year


Problem Statement

Product Engineering
Front End:
HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Android, iOS, Ionic Mobile Platform
Back End:
PHP, Laravel, REDIS, Nodejs