Our Story

82ISM brings innovation from around the world to your doorstep. Our aim is to strengthen your leadership in the industry, to create an ever-growing base of happy customers and to improve your bottom-line.

82ISM enables start-ups and small companies from around the world to service the North American market.

Last but not the least 82ISM services charities and non-profits by donating part of its profits to programs that make a difference in everyday lives of those less fortunate. We bring them to our platform to give visibility into issues confronting us and help them tell their impact story, to create awareness and garner wide support.

The Inspiration 
we wake up excited because…

Changing the world for the better drives us. Whether its approach to complex business problems and ways to solve them or eradicating world hunger and disease. Finding a better way of doing and being, excites us.

Well aware that challenges facing us are complex; we believe that technology is a means to an end and that solutions must be elegant, intuitive and easy to use.

We aim to bring world class, cutting edge innovation that determines flourish outcomes for enterprises, in an age of disruptive change.

At 82ISM we believe, first and foremost, in creating and delivering value for our customers, and changing the world for the better while we’re at it.

Why Now?

In the past technology was an enabler, enterprises had the luxury of time to build and/or implement software solutions that enabled efficiency across a gamut of business processes. Since, technology has gone from being an enabler to a differentiator and the competitive advantage, to the extent that it now represents the single most important factor that decides flourish or perish outcomes in many industries.

The ‘time to market’ for software solutions has reduced to a fourth of what it used to be and software solutions of the past are being antiquated faster than we can say change. This has been largely enabled by the democratization of three main enablers — people, infrastructure, and capital. Talent has become increasingly accessible in the form of a global workforce no matter where your business is located. Enterprise grade infrastructure has become inexpensive with IaaS and a multitude of cloud-based solutions. Both these factors have contributed to lowering of cost. In addition to that, the capital issue has also been addressed by a vibrant VC community willing to bet on the next new idea.

In short — building innovative, robust enterprise grade solutions has never been easier. This ‘explosion’ has led to the collective belief that somewhere in some corner of the globe a startup is cooking new tech which can possibly lead to obsolescence of existing technology and or business models.

Why then, should the enterprises, with all the resources at their disposal, trail the curve instead of stay ahead? The time is ripe and the opportunity is equal for all to seize, the only question remains -how do you find the right partner that can deliver the advantage of the ‘innovation-machine’ at its most nimble best?

What’s Not Working? 

As an enterprise, your reach is the “three” companies your peers recommend or the top “three” results from gGoogle Enterprise buyers buy from who they know, often based on reference. This is human behavior, we look at reliable sources to tell us we won’t be wasting our time and dime when dealing with a business. This, however, limits the choices and they’re often not the right match. You may, in some cases compromise on a few or all of these expectations — quality, solutions not to mention the right talent fit. When you add these up it can make a significant difference to your business.

Technology and its makers will have you believe that technology is an end in itself. While the counter argument is intuitive, it’s not always the case. Eleven times out of ten users are expected to adapt to software. What we really need is software that understands and adapts and we’re not even talking AI yet which brings me to my next point.

Enterprise software is often clunky, raft with features that no-one wants, needs and uses, with a user experience that leaves a lot to be desired (also known as the user adoption problem). Our argument –software ought to be simple and user experience -intuitive. There should be no need for training.

Lastly, we can all use a little more hope and happiness in our lives and what better way to achieve that, than by making life better for another in need i.e. doing our bit.

These Changes Inspire Us
we want to make happen …

The ‘world’s your oyster’ phenomenon — an ever-expanding pool of resources in a shrunk globe.
Outcome driven Method— technology as means to end, not end itself.
Elegant and simple solutions to hard problems.
Last but most definitely not the least — a legacy we can all collectively be proud of i.e. a better world.

Staying at the Cutting Edge

We live in a world that’s changing faster than at any time in the past. Technology has transformed the socio-political and economic landscape. This new ‘playing field’ favors those that are open to try new things and fail or succeed quickly. In other words, agile business models, agile teams and eventually an agile mindset that enables agile course correction and swifter business outcomes enabled by tech.

Ahead of the Curve

At 82ISM we want to see the waves as they form and ride them as they appear, all to the benefit of our clients. Toward that end, we follow the trends and analyst reports. We watch the market and speak to our clients and carefully bake in years of our own experience (in tech), to paint a 360-degree picture.

These trends will be our focus for the year 2017, they have been given a thumbs-up or down by leading industry experts. We studied the reports and distilled the analysis into the above picture. We’ve also included a few trends we think are ‘hot’ where others may not necessarily think so.


At 82ISM our intention is to help you solve hard problems with teams that know how to. We can be your innovation lab and help you launch the next new ‘thing’. Last, but not the least, we’re committed to helping those less fortunate in the way we do business and in our support for charities and causes around the world.

To more:more :  write to info@82ism.com or visit: 82ISM 



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