What’s in the Name?

I often get asked about the meaning of 82ISM and most recently I was asked to write about it, so here I am telling you the story of our name and how it came about.


I was most keen on using the name to create a vantage point from which to view our belief as a business and convey the reason for our existence. Our story, I thought, should be framed within the context of what matters most to us. So I searched, brainstormed, googled and doodled for good six plus months and one fine day ‘stars aligned ‘, inspiration struck and 82ISM was born. Without going into the options that were struck down in favor of 82ISM, let me share with you what it really means to us and hopefully, in due course of time, to you as well.

the essence

In essence 82ISM (pronounced eighty two-ism) is a philosophy (a way) of doing business with a focus on impact, balance, and collaboration. We believe anyone can embrace this philosophy. For us it was imperative to connect a broader purpose to our (82ISM’s) existence, that’s what got us excited and gave meaning to everything we did, are doing and will do in the future.

break down

For those curious minds who want to know, let me break it down further. Eight in Buddhist tradition means ‘myo’ or to open, i.e. open a new way. In Chinese numerology eight denotes balance between spiritual and material. Two- symbolizes partnership. Eight and Two integrate the dual nature that allows differences to ‘dance’ lightly and harmoniously. To stitch it all together — collaboration and balance to create outcomes we all desire (for our businesses) and aspire to(for our communities).

More specifically, to us, it means collaboration to achieve excellence in problem-solving through technology-based solutions and in tandem create impact through serving the under-served/under-privileged communities around the world. It is our belief that it only takes a little bit from all of us to make a difference and most(like us) believe in giving back.

While many argue charity begins at home, at 82ISM we don’t want to wait a minute to make a difference. In our world altruism keeps capitalism in check, they ‘dance together lightly and harmoniously’. Thereby creating a ‘happy’ union; which brings us to the fact that eighty-two is a happy number (if you square the digits and add them, you’ll end in one). To us, this means success can be joyfully fulfilling when all involved win together.


We aspire to be known for our business acumen and ability to solve complex problems but just as much for our focus on impact in the communities we live in/support, around the world. This balance is important to us and we hope we can inspire others to embrace 82ISM and make it a norm.

To learn more or work with us write to us at info@82ism.com 

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