Choose the Technology that’s Right for You

The constant influx of changing technology can often be overwhelming.Especially if you’re not a player in the technology space or if you’re in an environment in which change moves at glacial pace. The challenge then is to understand – which technology is best for your business and how it can be put to work?

There are a gamut of options available, a problem of plenty and build vs. buy (a topic we’ll save for another day) questions plague decision makers, therefore, identifying the solution that optimally and effectively addresses your business needs, achieves desired results, and serves the stakeholders, is of utmost import.

A successful technology solution is one that doesn’t increase the user’s burden to change while optimizing the business outcomes and return on investment. How then should you arrive at the most suited technology solution that’s just right for you and your business?

Four Simple Steps

Here’s what we think is the first, second, third and fourth step…

1. Start with defining the problem that needs addressing. Often times, while evaluating technology solutions, decisions are centered around and end in technology. We urge you to reverse this and start with defining a business problem.Think Challenge!

2. Define blueprints over technical architecture — solution to a complex business problem, more often than not, is a combination of people, process, and technology, and one almost inevitably impacts the other two. So we urge you to look at all three dimensions.Think the Triad!

3. Technology serves a purpose — pick one that fits into your blueprint. As I’ve often stated, technology is a means (a rather indispensable one) to an end, it’s not an end in itself. In the grand mesh of business outcomes, risks, challenges, policy and trends technology must enmesh effectively with all of the above to create the necessary impact, where it matters most. Think Outcomes!

4. Last and most important — market rewards the innovators. You can lead or lag using technology (or not) — find the intersection between maximum ‘pain’ and maximum impact and innovate in that zone using technology (don’t wait for someone else to try it first). Taking the low-risk route in today’s landscape is dis-service to your business. Take measured risks with a keen eye on moving not only your business forward but your entire industry.Think Big!


Use the technology muscle to power your leadership marathon. Stay nimble and sharp. Run short sprints to prove/disprove quickly, adapt and win in the marketplace. We sure believe you can.

See you at the finish line!


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